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ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, reopened its U.S. office in 2018. 

ALROSA mines produce almost 25% of all diamonds in the world. As the American affiliate of ALROSA PJSC, ALROSA USA is a full-service sales, marketing, and representative office supplying a full range of diamonds with Russian provenance and a guarantee of responsible sourcing. 

ALROSA USA holds four rough and two polished auctions annually for its customers around the world. For direct sales, our loose diamond inventory ranges from pointers to caraters in round and fancy shapes, as well as special fancy and natural color diamond offerings.

The recent acquisition of Kristall Smolensk , the largest cutting and polishing factory in Russia, means ALROSA USA can provide customers with customized repeatable orders for programs, as well as special makes and proprietary cuts for branded programs. All our diamonds can be traced from mine to market, to reassure your customers with a guarantee of ethical and responsible provenance.


Our inventory changes all the time, but following is just a sample of some of the inventory that's currently available:

Inventory List for 1st Quarter 2022 Coming Soon​

Apply here to become an approved ALROSA Customer.


Apply here to become an approved ALROSA Customer.


 +1 212 921 4300   

50 West 47th Street, Suite 1711

 New York, NY 10036