ALROSA Lights a Blue Glow to Celebrate Modern Women

By National Jewelers


This year, people around the world have risen to the greatest challenge of their lifetime and drawn strength from deep inside. Speaking of this, the mass media most often draws us the image of a man who overcomes business problems or gets a second job to feed his family.

This year, people around the world have risen to the greatest challenge of their lifetime and drawn strength from deep inside. Speaking of this, the mass media most often draws us the image of a man who overcomes business problems or gets a second job to feed his family. But the efforts and contributions of women are no less. They also overcome difficulties at work, and remain wives and mothers, which means constant care for others and responsibility for other people's lives. “Greatness Is Made Under Pressure:” these are the best words to describe modern women.

“Greatness Is Made Under Pressure” is also the slogan for ALROSA’s new Luminous Diamonds brand of fluorescent diamonds. Born deep underground under enormous pressure and temperature, these stones keep an amazing secret inside: blue inner light.

Diamonds with Super Abilities
Fluorescence, meaning diamond’s ability to glow in blue under the UV-light, is very rare. According to GIA, only 25-35% of all diamonds show some amount of fluorescence, but only 2 to 3.5% of all diamonds show Medium to Very Strong fluorescence, which is intense enough to be visible. These diamonds are not only rare; fluorescence also gives them a unique ability to look their best. In 2018 HRD Antwerp conducted the most extensive and large-scale scientific study of fluorescence up to date. Their findings showed that consumers might be better off with a fluorescent diamond. Fluorescence, they found, can positively affect color. Diamonds with strong fluorescence will receive a better color under a daylight, depending on the initial color. For example, J-L color diamond with strong fluorescence looks 1 color grade higher. Simply put, a cheaper yellowish but fluorescent diamond will look exactly like its more expensive colorless counterpart during the day.

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A Story of Inner Light
The unique features of these diamonds not only look beautiful, but also tell a beautiful story. Every woman has inner strength. This power helps her to cope with both daily routine and global crises. It helps to go through the darkest times, allows her to be the one she wants to be, despite difficulties and public opinion. It guides her through life. This light is constantly glowing inside, although it is invisible to others. Likewise, the blue glow of a fluorescent diamond is imperceptible at first glance. This is a secret only you know about, but will become apparent if you want.

Luminous Diamonds appeals to basic human emotion, reminding people to draw strength from the love and happiness inside, reflected in the brand’s permanent tagline of “Follow Your Inner Light.”

But it happened that consumers are not yet aware that diamonds can be fluorescent. A recent survey studied 4,017 people in the US and China (50 percent were Americans of various age groups from major US Cities including New York, Boston, Washington and Los Angeles) to figure out their attitude towards this diamond feature. Surprisingly, 74 percent of the US respondents “don’t know or are poorly educated” about fluorescence. However, upon witnessing the diamond’s ‘inner glow’ and receiving some basic education on fluorescence, 82 percent of respondents considered buying a diamond with this feature. More interestingly, 60 percent expressed willingness to pay a premium for a diamond exhibiting fluorescence – as much as a 15 percent premium for some. This is especially true of Millennials and Gen Xers.

In addition, affluent women ages 30-45 with household income of $80K - $150K and diamond self-purchase history indexed very high when asked about fluorescent diamonds’ appeal. The study also found that the idea of a “secret that only you know” resonates well with consumers. They also suggest that fluorescence will look spectacular in jewelry if you choose the right combination of stones and settings; this opens up countless opportunities for jewelry designers.

On top of a growing demand to celebrate value of human individuality and give "meaningful," rather than "practical" or "fun" presents, recent studies show young consumers seek value for money. Both Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to opt for fluorescent diamonds, as they aren’t willing to “waste” money on ordinary gemstones, finding them quite “old-fashioned.” Fluorescence, on the other hand, is perceived as a new and attractive feature. It has a stylish sparkle too: most diamonds exhibit a blue glow, which resonates with Pantone color of the year 2020, “classic blue”.

Luminous Diamonds is made in cooperation with A. Link & Co., SDC Designs and M. Suresh, the leading jewelry manufacturers renowned for quality, excellence and service to their retailers. The “Greatness Is Made Under Pressure” campaign launches this fall to support ALROSA retail partners and inspire their customers with a story of inner light and celebrating the inner light in every woman. ALROSA also has partnered with AGS Laboratories to produce a special, exclusive Luminous Diamonds Glow Report for every piece of jewelry in the Luminous Diamonds collection. Each report will highlight and explain the distinctive glow of that particular diamond, showing an im-age of the piece with its fluorescence pattern.

ALROSA’s campaign addresses the two primary motivations for diamond acquisition: gifting and self-purchase. As a gift of love and gratitude, Luminous Diamonds celebrates a woman’s strength in guiding her through today’s challenges. As a self-purchase, the brand reminds each woman that she is unique and able to achieve whatever she wants.

To support their retail partners, ALROSA is offering an extensive marketing program, including product videos featuring brilliant and powerful female influencers. The video, produced by a top agency, has a variety of cuts that are more product focused. ALROSA also has produced other creative materials for social media, paid search and programmatic advertising, point-of-sale, outdoor and even animated GIFs.

An advertising campaign in major digital media and fashion and lifestyle publications will ensure brand awareness among target audience. Innovative point-of-sale materials and comprehensive training with multiple phases are available and the co-op marketing program can be customized for each retailer.

Right Moment to Follow the Light
The combination of new knowledge about the positive effect of fluorescence, as well as the consumer interest in this bright effect, gives opportunities to create a perfectly new product on the market. We all know that this happens very rarely.

But it has a number of undeniable advantages. It looks great. It is a subject with a deep meaning that can be visualized. It highlights modern needs for a greater focus on the role of women. It is likely to confirm that you are looking at a natural diamondm, as fluorescent synthetics are almost impossible to find. It all comes to just one conclusion: fluorescence is a new trend to keep an eye on. And for those seeking a meaningful symbol to celebrate the preciousness of human nature, a diamond with inner light is a great option to give a telling present of enduring value.