How Luminous Diamonds Is Putting Meaning Behind Jewelry

Yola Robert, Senior Contributor ForbesWomen


How Luminous Diamonds Is Putting Meaning Behind Jewelry

Pioneer diamond brand, Luminous Diamonds, has revealed its fourth collection, further refining its message of inclusivity and individuality for everyone who is courageous enough to be themselves. The brand is a relative newcomer to the fashion scene – it was launched amidst the pandemic, in late 2020, and has been worn by JLo to the American Music Awards, Lil’ Kim to New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Zanna Rassi to the Oscars, and by Coco Rocha to the DKMS Gala. The real splash it’s making, however, is in aligning its products, the diamond pieces, with its message, “Follow Your Inner Light.”

“When it comes to red carpets, in my opinion it's all about statement pieces that will stun the viewers: when it comes to runways though, sometimes it’s a little softer, more demure and not so in-your-face is what is needed” says Rocha, who has walked both. “I don’t take it for granted when I get the opportunity to wear these gorgeous pieces.”

Luminous Diamonds encourages people to be who they are, embrace their individuality, and stand behind their truth. To align the brand’s jewelry creations with their message, each piece has at least one fluorescent diamond – a rare kind of natural diamond that glows blue in certain conditions, such as UV light. In daylight, they shine as bright as diamonds can. Only about 6% of the world’s natural diamonds (submitted to AGS Laboratories) can become Luminous Diamonds. “The truth is, fluorescence should make the stones more desirable,” said Devon Bond of Garrick Jewelers. “Increased uniqueness of natural beauty that will sometimes make the stone look whiter, or even blueish white in natural sunlight. Bringing to light these unique features of a Natural Diamond should increase desirability among consumers.”

Luminous Diamonds has also supported young fashion designers by collaborating with the Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF), the largest fashion nonprofit in the US that awards more than $1 million in scholarships annually. Five students who demonstrated their understanding of the brand’s philosophy by incorporating jewelry in their sketches are to receive financial stipends to further their studies in the total amount of $40,000. “I am looking forward to see how the students are inspired by Luminous Diamonds, in a way that allows them to be true to themselves as designers,” said Christian Siriano, one of the mentors for the collaboration. Siriano also collaborated with Luminous Diamonds by adding the creations, including a custom-made tiara, to his SS22 NYFW show. With another name referring to something greater in the universe, the latest collection, called Celestial, joins the existing Moonlight, Starlight and Lucent collections. Unlike the previous collections, it is markedly delicate creations that integrate regular natural diamonds with fluorescent natural diamonds, revealing a distinct secondary design under UV light.

If the previous collections encouraged embracing one’s inner light, then Celestial collection, with jewelry names such as “Be Fearless” and “Inspire Others,” takes one step further by celebrating the individuality of those who share their inner light with others. Like all Luminous Diamonds creations, the new collection also incorporates hexagonal designs that come in white or yellow gold. More importantly, through each piece of jewelry, Luminous Diamonds inspires everyone to be themselves, with the implication that everyone deserves to shine.

“Wearing diamonds is always something very special, but these Luminous Diamonds are particularly remarkable in a way other diamonds are not. It’s definitely a head turner and a conversation starter” added Rocha.